New release procedures with the H5P Content Type Hub

Finally, the first piece of the H5P Content Type Hub is out. It feels amazing. One of the biggest problems new authors have had with H5P according to user testing has been picking the right content type. With the Content Type Hub this will be a lot easier for both new and experienced authors.

This first version introduces big changes for everyone using H5P. In the past, we've released a new version of almost every H5P Content Type monthly in one big package.

Now we're going to do releases a lot more frequently. Hopefully there will be releases most weeks.

With the current version of the Hub users will see in the Content-Type selector when updates are available, and they can install them with the click of a button. If you want to see what is new in a content type that has an update available you may inspect the overview of the latest releases here. This overview will be maintained until the Hub has the same information integrated.

The first version of the Hub paves the way for upcoming versions with even greater improvements. Content sharing and reviews are on the top of my list. It will be extremely easy to share content with upcoming versions of the Hub. The goal is to make the H5P Hub the best, biggest and most accessible repository for interactive content in the world. The current version of the Hub is already connecting all H5P sites to and we will use the same connection and much of the same user interface for sharing content as well. Another huge improvement that is coming is using the Hub also for sub-content. When you choose what question you want to use in Question Set you'll soon be using a compact version of the H5P Hub there as well, and of course, you'll be able to reuse content from the Hub inside a Question Set as well.

The Hub is a big thing for H5P, but we must not forget the little things. A great concept is easily ruined if the attention to detail is not there. We will fix a small but important thing very soon in the Hub. When you start typing in the search field the first content type should be highlighted and when you press enter it should be selected. So you can type "Cour" followed by Enter and start creating a Course Presentation(right now you have to use your mouse or press tab twice). There are lots of these little things in H5P that are super important and we will give it a higher priority to fix these things as we move forward. What are the most important little things we should fix first in your opinion, and what do you think of the Content Type Hub?

By the way, if you're wondering what is next we've got funding for a lot of cool stuff being released the next weeks and months like:

  • Speeding up the accessibility upgrades of almost all H5P Content types!
  • A new content type where the learner answers with his voice and downloads an audio file
  • Another new content type where the learner answers with his voice and get instant feedback via voice recognition
  • Yet another new content type for adaptive courses where existing content types may be put together and the path the learner takes is based on his answers and results.
  • Drupal 8 port
  • TikiWiki integration
  • Subtitles for Interactive Video both with and without YouTube
  • Authors may decide the quality names for videos

What to do next?