New Release: The H5P Content Type Hub

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The H5P Content Type Hub is finally here! We in the Core Team have been working hard for the past couple of months to revamp the user experience of H5P to make it easier and more intuitive when selecting, managing and installing H5P Content Types. 

We've created a couple of videos to highlight the main features of the Content Type Hub:

Improvements and Bug Fixes

The H5P community has been generous in sharing improvements and fixes many of which will be available in the coming releases. We have managed to add one in this release which was:

New translations

Oliver Tacke has added a new German translation for the hub on very short notice. Joost Elsoff has also created a Dutch translation which will be ready for the next release.

If you're interested in contributing translations for the H5P Content Type Hub or any of the content types, feel free to make a pull request at the relevant Github repository. If you're unfamiliar with Github or programming, just drop the Core Team a message in this thread and we'll help you through the process.

Beta Testers

This release went through significant beta testing during the design phase.  A big thanks is due to the following individuals who have volunteered their energy and free time into moving H5P forward:

  • Tobias Berger
  • Göran Kattenberg
  • Suneeti Rekhari
  • James Aparicio
  • Nick Eriksen
  • Michael Sturmey

If you would like to have a preview of upcoming improvements to H5P, do consider joining the H5P Beta Tester group


This release would not have been possible without sponsors and contributors. A big thanks goes out to all of them! Read more about the sponsors and contributors below:

Read more about the sponsors by clicking their names:

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