Invalid library for Interactive video (Wordpress)


After last two updates of H5P WP plugin (current version is 1.7.12) & interactive video lib update (current version 1.15.0) when I try to create new interactive video I get the error message "Invalid library." when I click "Create" button. I'm trying to create interactive video from mp4 file - no tasks, no summary, just video. The interactive video with exactly the same mp4 file works well (was created in previus versions of plugin&lib).

Please, help!


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Hi George,

I'm sorry to hear you've run into issues.
Could you try opening your browser's console(F12 key), checking the 'Preserve log' if you have it and then reload the create content page. Look for any red error messages when selecting content type, and when trying to save. 

Hi iCC,

This is the link to my issue scrincast (mov file) -

There are a lot of red error messages due interactive video creation. I hope, this video will be helpfull.


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Thank you George, for a good screencast! 

I see that this issue has already been reported by someone else. I'll see if we can't speed this one up. You may follow the progress in JIRA if you like: HFP-786.

You can get around this issue by simply pressing the "2. Insert Interactions" tab before saving, and it should work. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

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The issue is fixed and the bugfix is scheduled to be released shortly. Thank you for your patience!