YouTube Video Captions only appear for instructor

We must have captions on videos in order to comply with Accessibility laws in the U.S. After uploading a YouTube video having captions into an H5P activity, an instructor sees the captions but students do not see the captions. How can we get the captions to appear for students?

This is a critical issue for us and the only workaround (and a poor one) I can think of, through Moodle, is to add the students to the instructor role for the activity which degrades the integrity of the questions asked for the H5P module.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a resolution?


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The captions apparently appear in Chrome.

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Accesibility is one of the main focuses for H5P forwards (and it's listed as nr. 1 on the roadmap).

Good to hear that you get them in Chrome at least!

- Tom

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Support for captions will be added soon. 

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Hi Christy, I'm sorry that you're having some difficulty with interactive video. Captions for youtube videos haven't been added to H5P yet but it is part of the plans in the coming months. We are slowly but surely trying to cover all the bases with regards to accessibility.