A couple of suggestions

H5p being the coolest content creation tool (IMHO), I would love to see more and more features, here is a couple of suggestions:

  1. more drawings (forms, lines, arrows colors...) for interactive presentation.
  2. possibility to feed question set from an file.
  3. timed quizes: timer for the whole quiz and per individual question.
  4. mail sender with captcha for anti-bots
  5. Possibility to include accordeon content type into a presentation with links to the appropriate slides
  6. User account features;
  7.     possibility to not publish content (private, not visible to public).
  8.     possibility to not publish update time/date.
  9.     possibility to recover deleted content (accidently): place deleted content into a wastebasket  for a couple of days before definitively delete it).
  10. Possibility to embedd h5p to wordpress.com (the free public hosting); though, I know this one maybe not depending on you, but any chance?


I am not sure about the pertinence of these suggestions, so let's discuss it.

Thanks in advance and keep it up guys!!!


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Hi Ajnouri, thanks for your suggestions! :)

- Tom

One more:

  • 11) In a question set of x tens of questions (for example 100) it is unreal to search for a specific question, especially if sections are unfolded. It would be great of we have a search function that lookup word(s) in the question/answer elements.

Any chance for suggestions 3, 10 and 11?

Especially wordpress.com integration, I have seen a lot of integration of external elements in wordpress.com  using special tags

Is there some location where we can track the progression of the future features?

Thanks guys!!


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Hi Ajnouri,

Again, thanks for comming with suggestions! :)

The core team uses Jira to track the progress of the tasks we are working on. Members of the community with programming experience are also providing features to the project (but they should flag it with a proejct maintainers first, to make sure that it's something that will be accepted).

All the festure requests are also put into a list, which is consulted when planning releases. So I guess that's all I can promise for 3, 10, 11 too.

- Tom

I would be thrilled if it could be made possible to achieve the following.

I use H5P within Moodle. In Moodle it is possible to hide certain items until other items have been finished by students. I wonder if it is possible to link to moodle items in an interactive image, but the hotspots can only be seen when the first hotspot has been clicked upon. For several months now I am trying to make a "roadmap" for my physics students. On the map a student starts at a hotspot (being an interactive video for instance). When he saw the video and got the statements right, he returns to the roadmap. New hotspots can be seen and used. All this according in the sequence that I (as a teacher) designed. The roadmap slowly unveiles itself during the journey.

As I said before: I would be thrilled if that could be made possible within H5P.

JP de Bont

Physics Teacher in The Netherlands.

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Hi JP,

I think you have some good ideas there. Thanks!

- Tom