Release: Three New Content Types

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For the first time ever we’re doing a release where not a single line of code is written by the H5P Core team. This is a huge milestone for the H5P community!

Do note that you won't get these new content types automatically. You download them from the example pages and upload them as .h5p files to your site.

Image Juxtaposition

H5P’s super star German contributor, Oliver Tacke is at it again with a brand new content type:

Here you’ll normally see two different images of the same thing. The images may, for instance, have been taken at different times, and the content type lets the user compare the two images by sliding between the two, showing only one of them, or showing parts of each of them.

Oliver Tacke now has developer access to H5P and may share his own content types. You may read more about Image Juxtaposition and download it from its example page

The Image Juxtaposition is based on Juxtapose that was created by Alex Duner and Northwestern University Knight Lab.

Find Multiple Hotspots

Luke Muller from Brisbane Australia has created a new question type for H5P. Try out this awesome new content type below:

Image multiple hotspots may be used for questions where the learner, for instance, is to find all the fruits, molecules or kitchen tools in an image. The content type is able to provide the learner with relevant feedback based on where she clicks. 

Luke Muller has also got developer access to H5P and we hope to see many updates and new content types from him in the future. You can read more about Image Multiple Hotspot and download it from its example page.

SCORM for Drupal

From Eurekos in Denmark, we get a SCORM content type. It requires Drupal and a custom SCORM H5P module for Drupal. It is not your typical H5P content type, but those of you who have SCORM content might find this very interesting. You’ll be able to create H5Ps that play SCORM content and converts the SCORM progress and scoring information to xAPI statements. See it in action in the video below:

More information, links to the required Drupal module and the SCORM content type for H5P may be found here.

The H5P Core Team has not reviewed SCORM for Drupal, only briefly tried it out.

About Eurekos:

Eurekos is all about teaching and learning. Eurekos give corporate academies and higher education the benefits and tools to facilitate great education. We empower the teachers and offer both students and teachers the most immersive and intuitive user interface imaginable

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