Add better multisupport to the H5P WordPress plugin

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The H5P WordPress plugin is currently not optimized for use on a WP multisite network. Instead of simply network activating and installing a single set of libraries for H5P content throughout the network, the plugin must be left network inactive and individually activated on each site on the network, and the needed libraries are installed repeatedly for each site using H5P. We'd like to see a scenario in which the H5P plugin can be activated on a multisite network, at which point a single instance of the necessary libraries is installed and a shared H5P activity library is created for all sites on the network to use (the multisite behaves like a single supersite, essentially). See for earlier discussion of this request.

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Thanks SteelWagstaff. I've prioritised this and hopefully someone from the community will make a pull request with the necessary code. 

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Hi all,
I'm just checking in on the status of this request. It appears that since version 1.7.2 we can now network enable H5P on multisite and allow each individual site to create H5P activities and install libraries on/for their own sites (thank you!). However, I'm not sure whether it is possible for us to centrally manage and maintain the various H5P libraries we use on that multisite. Here's our use case: we have a single WP multisite instance and want to make H5P available for all of the many sites on our network. We'd prefer to install and update the various H5P libraries for all the sites from a single place, rather than requiring each site admin to download and update their own individual libraries. Is that possible with the way the H5P for Wordpress plugin is currently written? If it's not, can anyone offer me a few pointers as to how it might be achieved to see whether this is something we could look into contributing a pull request for?

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See #64.