multi-language content

I think it could be interesting being able to create multi-language content, I do not mean translating the component, but the content.


For example, create an interactive video activity, be able to upload two different videos (one in English and one in Spanish), add the interactions and when the user launches the video it is displayed in the language of the user's browser, but xAPI tracking uses the same activity ID.

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Pretty interesting suggestion, I think.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

There are plans for making multi-language content easier to create. But I don't think keeping the different translations in the "same" content is the most realistic route forward, because it demands so much retrofitting in all the content types.

But it's awesome that you are thinking outside the box jmartinmarquez.

Have a great day!

- Tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks ;-) It's good to know you are working on it. We are interested in this development. We would like to evaluate a budget if you are interested in a custom development because we have two customers interested in this feature.

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We can look into this. Would you be so kind and send a request for a budget through our contact form?

Thanks, Done!