Video is missing sources


When I access my completed interactive videos I see "Video is missing sources" in place of the player. I have tried this on through in Chrome, IE & through the Moodle Plugin. Videos that do appear do not have the interactive elements I added to them. Help!

H5P file: 
Content types: 
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Hi, this sounds really bad. Could you provide a link to such a video on

is this what you require? 

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Hi, the link that you provided does not work.
Also the file you provided does not have any content.
What video formats are you attempting to use in Interactive Video ?

I have been using "Paste YouTube link or other video source URL" for YouTube videos. I have attached a screen cast of the process from my end.

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Hi, thank you for the screencasts, unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this by following the exact same steps you did.
Interactive Video has recently had a new release, could you check if you are still able to reproduce this bug ?
Also could you include links to the specific videos you are trying to upload, and detailed steps taken to reproduce this bug in as few steps as possible ? Thank you, we sincerely appreciate this feedback.

The issue seems to be with the network I am accessing the site/plugin from. I accessed the site/plugin from an un-networked PC and did not reproduce the bug. I will speak with my IT team and try to identify the issue. Thanks for your help.

I can add videos from all sources (mp4, webm, upload, local files and youtube links) in the first and interactions in the second step. When I try to [save] the interaction the video's source is not stored. When I edit the interaction it is 'empty'. This happens as far as I am aware only with interactive videos, eg. not with column. There are a few 'old' interactive videos that work. Is it possible to log what is happening after [save] was hit?  

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Hi mlshmid,

You can check 2 things:

1. Any browser console errors (ctrl+shift+J in Chrome)

2. Any PHP errors