jquery errors with moodle 3.1.5 and h5p hub

h5p plugin1.12017041200moodle3.1.5+ (Build: 20170418) Hi,installs ok, works fine without h5p hub but with it switched on I get various jquery errors - the h5p hub toolbar loads but the body doesn't so can't select anything. 
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That's unfortunate to hear. Make sure you use the lastest(Build: 2017050300) available from moodle.org.
Also, which browser version are you using, did you try to reinstall and which database server are you running?

i'll update to see if it makes a difference. 

Errors happened on all osx browsers - chrome  57.0.2987.133 (64-bit), ff 53.0 (64-bit) and safari Version 10.1 (11603.

using postgres 9.3

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OK, unfortunately, there was a bug with postgres in the previous version so that's probably it. The good news is that this is fixed in the latest version.

thanks for letting me know - i'll update when i can and give it another go.

update plugin and update content cache fixed it - works perfectly! thanks

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Happy it worked out, thanks for the feedback! :)