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I'm new to H5P but after looking into the libs I noticed that you cannot disable the scorebar visual. Would it be possible to add a checkbox to the question settings to enable/disable the output. It would also be greate if you could add this on a global level aswell as on each individual question.

I'm looking foreward to your feedback.
kind regardes Andrew

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Hi Andrew,

which content type are you referring to?

- Tim

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the quick repley.
I'm referring to the h5p-joubelui-score-bar on the result page of each question type. I use display none since I could not find a other way to not display it without major changes to the h5p-joubelui.

- Andrew

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Hi Andrew!

Such an option would have to be implemented in the content types, but if you're familiar with CSS, you can change the layout of H5P interactions quite a lot. In your case, setting the display argument of the h5p-joubelui-score-bar class to none would hide the score bar. Please see https://h5p.org/documentation/for-developers/visual-changes for more information. In case you're using WordPress, you might also want to look at the PlugIn H5P-CSS-Editor.


p. s.: Since I guess your username indicates that you're from Germany: Come to Cologne this Friday or Saturday and have a chat with me at one of the H5P workshops :-)