Drag and drop within course presentation - font inconsistency

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We have some drag and drop exercises that are showing a funny font issue when shown through an iframe. On the H5P site it looks normal, but when showing through an iframe, the fonts of the draggable text is not of a consistent size. We are using stress marks, which might be part of the issue.

This is the H5P activity - slide 11: https://h5p.org/node/68276

This is the iframe page: http://digitalrussian.middcreate.net/prepare/alphabet2/

I attached a screenshot to show what it looks like when the font is inconsistent. We are going to try uploading it to our WordPress plugin and see if that helps. It is strange because we have other drag and drop activities that don't seem to be affected in the same way.

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It looks like some of the texts has their font-size specified in px instead of em, meaning that they will not scale as the task changes size. May I ask if you copied the text from somewhere or if you used the toolbar inside H5P to format them?

Try copying the text and then pasting it again using Ctrl+Shift+V, this should exclude any formatting from other tools. 

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Thank you! I think this fixed it.