Speak the Words - Excessive Wait Time between Voice Input and Question Feedback

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Hi Guys!

Love the potential of the new 'Speak the Words' content type.

Currently though, there is a long delay between voice input and answer feedback.

Check out what's going on here.


Is this likely an H5P issue or my WP website? Is there a setting I need to change on my site?

The latest H5P update which had 'Speak the Words' examples seemed to work quite fast. Is this perhaps because European language input is faster than other Asian languages?

I am using Chinese...so, not sure if it's just having a difficult time with the Mandarin...

I hope my Mandarin isn't that bad! :-)



Speak the Words - Response delayed
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I did a Google search and found this link discussing slow responses times with the Google Speech API


Does this make sense to anyone?

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Hi febster,

Does this happen with every word or some specific words. I tried to reproduce this issue and instead of a simple lag time it simply stops at the "listening" phase, unless I purposely make a mistake. I tried using different word/s and it worked perfectly. With this in mind you may be right about the possibility of it having issues with the API for specific words.

Please take into consideration that I do not know how to speak Chinese I am just using Google translate to help me with pronunciation. Tiger was a tricky word for me and this might have been the issue. I tried counting 1-10 and the words 'I love you' :-) all worked perfectly.


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Thank you for following up. Much appreciated. I've done some extensive testing and it seems it really comes down to the noise level in the room. If there's too much background noise, then this seems to mix things up. I kept wondering why it would work, then would stop. I also emptied caches on my computer, and it seemed to help...but not sure why that would or if that's just a coincidence. Anyhow, the speed is fine now if you take background noise into account, but if I start speaking in a room with my kids playing, it really throws things off. So, perhaps that will help anyone in the future wondering the same thing! Best!

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This is good to hear febster. Bookmarked ;-)

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I suppose the speech engine recognizes that there still is noise so it thinks its getting more input. I think a button to "stop listening" could help mitigate this in rooms with background noise. Thank you for the feedback.

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Yes! If there was a manual button in the future to tell the speech recognition you are finished speaking, then it would likely improve the overall speed. Totally agree with you.

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Thanks tom for the suggestion. 

Febster please post this suggestion in the feature request thread so that we will have more visibility and traction for it.