H5P for patient health education and nursing education .

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Hi everyone ,

This is Govind from Manipal,India.I am a BSN student and recently we have launched a nursing and patient health education blog and an android application (is.gd/getmnm) to help out the patients to better understand the medical procedures and rest all the stuff they come across and to teach the nurses caring for them.

I am the lead content creator there, while searching for the adobe captivate plugin for wordpress ,I came to know about  this awesome tool.

After going through it a little bit; we knew that the possibilities are REALLY unlimited with H5P. 

Specially when it comes to make the people understand and to simulate the health teachings to the patients and the nurses.

WE have created some content till the writing of this post here,you may look at this here-

http://manipalnursingmitra.rajbai.org/2017/06/two-nurses-are-performing.html (hotspot)

here-  http://manipalnursingmitra.rajbai.org/2017/06/where-will-nurse-tap-to-assess-client.html (Hotspot)

and here- http://manipalnursingmitra.rajbai.org/2017/06/a-nurse-is-caring-for-various-clients.html (guess the answer)


We have reuested to the administrators in the forum to provide the access to the various restricted content , and we are thankful to them that they have done so. We hope we will be creating a lot better content with H5P in  the upcoming time .

Wa are also planning to redirect the students and peers to create content with H5P.

Thanks to the H5P eam and the developers of it.

Regards ,

Govind Soni




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Thanks for sharing! :)

- Tom