Problems in Moodle



after installing the moodle plugin i am trying to add content.

The window opens but then shows under "Editor": Waiting for Java


Java is installed, but so i can't devide what interactiv format i would like to use.

Any advise for me?

Kind regards




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Hi edume,

What browser are you using and have you tried clearing cache?


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I'm a core developer on the H5P team, and I can tell you that Java is not used anywhere in the H5P code. Your message must come from somewhere else.

- Tom

PS: It is not concidered good practice to use Java in the browser anymore (for the last 15 years).

Just aktivated it behause the Editor Displays WaitIng for Java. Then i can deactivate it Again. 

Why doesnt the Editor Open in Any Browser ? Safari Firefox and chrome. 

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Hi, could you try opening the browser's console(Ctrl+Shift+J in Chrome) and look for any error messages or files that fail to load? You may have to reload the page.