Digital Accessibility for each Content Type?


Is there a list that says whether each of the content types is accessible or not? Or the sort of accessibility issue each content type might have, e.g. content type X doesn't work with a screen reader? By accessible I am refering to WCAG 2.0 standards, e.g. can be used by people with a screen reader, or those with low vision, etc. 

When creating learning materials I would love to know if what I am creating is accessible. This would help met stick to those content types.

I know that accessibility is being continually improved on by the H5P team and I think it would be great to make the status of each content type available to users. Sorry if this exist somewhere, I couldn't find anything after a search through the forum or google.

Thank you for your help.

All the best,


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Hi Adam,

In terms of a list there isn't a list for content types that is accessible.

Now regarding gaining access to them I'm not really sure exactly what you mean. If you are talking about not being able to create certain content types please go to the access all content types page. Now if you are pertaining to contents that you created are inaccessible to other users, this may be a case of the website's spam filter catching it thinking that it is spam. Don't worry though we review them and republish them to make them available to other users.


Hi BV52,

Sorry, I think my original post wasn't very clear. By accessibility, I mean digital accessibility in terms of WCAG 2.0 standards. So can the content type be used by people with a screen reader, etc. I have edited my question to reflect this.

Sorry for the confusion, but thank you for your response.

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Hi Adam,

See this forumpost from a few weeks ago for an answer.

In addition, the following Content Types are currently being worked on to get up to an WCAG 2.0 AA standard:

  • Summary
  • Drag the Words
  • Drag and Drop
  • Interactive Video
  • Image hotspots

- Tom