Wordpress Delete Plugin, Lose all content?



Usually when you delete a plugin from wordpress it does one of two things. 1. it keeps a copy of settings and content that you have created. 2. i

1. it keeps a copy of settings and content that you have created. 2. i

2. it warns you that deleting the plugin will delete settings and content.

I needed to reinstall the plugin and so deleted it readded it in the plugin menu. I then discover it has deleted all my content.

I am not a green user, so was looking for warning signs. I have no now wasted hours and hours of work that I will have to redo.

Please either allow the option to keep the content you have created, or warn people that if they do not download backups - it will all be deleted.

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Hi deverage,

I'm sorry to hear that you have to redo everything. We will definitely look into having a warning or documentation on how to backup contents.


Hi, I think you still haven't worked on this...

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Hi all!

First of all, the WordPress documentation states for uninstall methods of plugins:

"When your plugin is uninstalled, you’ll want to clear out any plugin options and/or settings specific to to the plugin, and/or other database entities such as tables." (https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/plugin-basics/uninstall-methods/)

So, I think that's common behavior that should not be surprising. As an administrator, I'd even expect this to happen: Why should I be responsible for finding out how to remove the remains of some plugin in my database and on my harddrive?

Having that said: It's nevertheless desirable to have a warning if that's possible. H5P is open source software, so there's no need to wait for anyone. You can add that function yourself (may need some determination and some coding practice) or hire someone to add it (may need a little effort to get funding).