Embedded video from Vimeo pro: no full screen or start button

I use Vimeo Pro for embedding videos. Somewhere on the forum I read that H5P does not support the iframe codes for embedding Vimeo videos. Therefore I use the codes on the page https://vimeo.com/###/settings/file, 'Access your video files'..

This works OK, allthough The H5P player overrules the Vimeo player. I don't mind, but there is NO full screen button in content types Video and Interactive Video and NO start button in content type Video. Check the screendumps.

Is there a way to solve this problem? Thanks!


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Unfortunately, some browsers and devices don't support fullscreen, yet. Which device and browser are you using?

Note that this is a limitation of your browser and not H5P.

Hi, sorry for the delay: I have had a holiday.
You are right! I was using Chrome, but that doesn't support fullscreen. Firefox doesn't supoort it either, but suprisingly Edge does! 

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Thank you for the information Marcel2017, I'm definitely taking notes :-)