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Hi, I am a new member so excuse me for any mistakes. The topic may have been opened and discussed before but i was not able to find it.

I am trying to disable 'show solutions' on summary slide in course presentation but i dont know how to do it. If i hide the summary slide then the results of quiz in the course presentation slides do not get saved.

please help. I dont want the solutions to be available to anyone at any point of time.


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Hi, the results should still get saved if you're hiding the summary slide. Could I ask which platform you're using? 

Hi, wordpress. but i the results are not getting saved if i remove summary slide :( .

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Just checked with the other developers here. Unfortunately, the scores won't save if the summary slide is removed. If you would like an option to disable the showing of solutions, you could make a post in the feature request forum. 
Alternatively, if you have access to a developer you could change the code to hide the 'show solution' button manually. 

Thanks. I will open a request in feature forum.. until then can you please tell me how to change the show solution button manually? how do i access the developer and what part of the code should i change... 

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You or the company you work for will have to find a developer to change the code. The code can be found here:

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The code that handles the summary slide is found in this file:

Would anyone like to provde easy to follow instructions for a non-developer to change the code the handles the summary slide so that the re-try button is hidden/disabled? thank you. 

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I akaskens, there are a couple of ways of doing. I assume you have control over the styles on your page. You could add the following to the stylesheet:

.h5p-cp-retry-button .h5p-joubelui-button {
  display: none; 

It's kind of a brute force solution but it will search for any Course Presentation retry buttons and hide them. 

Hi Tim,

I am trying to disable the retry button and show solution button in the summary slide in h5p in Moodle. I don't have any technical knowledge. Can you please tell me how to add this line of code in hp5 plugin for Moodle?

Thanks a lot.


I am working with course presentations in Moodle. It seems to work the same way - scores do not get saved to MOODLE gradebook UNLESS there is a summary slide. When I hide the summary slide, the score does not save. Here is the problem, the summary slide has an automatic "re-try" button and a "show solutions" button on it. However, we are using some of the H5Ps for assessment/testing purposes - we don't want learners to re-try or show solution. Although thre is a "disable show solution/retry" - that simply disables from each slide, but not from the summary slide. Any ideas on workarounds? thanks!


hello again - I am currently testing how the H5P course presentations track and show scores in MOODLE. It seems, in addition to the scores not saving if the summary slide is hidden, the scores also do not get saved unless a learner completes the H5P (makes it to the final summary slide). If she exits mid-way, (and never gets to the summary slide), then the scores do not get saved. If I"m wrong, please let me know. thank you!

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you are indeed correct, the score is only saved when you have completed the Course Presentation by visiting the summary slide.
There is currently no workaround for disabling retry in Course Presentation, I suggest creating a post for it in the "feature request" forum with some example use cases, like you have explained here,  and suggestions for how to solve this.
This will increase the likelyhood that a feature for this gets implemented.

Thanks for your reply - does this mean that for "surface navigation" - the scores will not transfer in moodle? (since there is no summary slide). I haven't tested yet, but I suspect this will be the case. thanks!

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I just did and you are correct. As what thomasmars mentioned above please post in the feature request forum for any suggestions on how to improve this content.




Is there a way to remove the 'retry' button on the summary page, change the 'retry' text or delete the summary page all together?



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Hi Priya,

Removing or changing the text for the retry button would need a PHP hook PHP hook, to add your own CSS-file to the content type. Please visit the Visual Changes page for more details. Removing the Summary page is a bit simpler by placing a check on "Hide Summary Slide" under behavioural settings.


Thank you!

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By mistake I checked Activate Active Surface Mode and can not revert,  so I added goto next slide anchor on each slide. Now Summary slide is not shown, I did not check Hide summary box. How can I make Summary slide isible? Please help me 

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Hi telugu,

By enabling the Surface Mode you inadvertently disable the summary slide as well. I'm afraid currently there is no feature to disable this. However I already reached out to the core so that changes will be made to how the Surface Mode behaves.