Redirect url when game is won/finished


It could be very useful to add a redirect url field in the settings UI if the game is won or lost. 

The "what do you do if the game is lost/won" option is missing.

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A very good idea. Please correct me if I'm wrong you are pertaining to the "Memory Game" content.


I'm working on a memory game but this option could be interesting on every games actually!

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I totally agree. It will open up a lot of possibilities. 

Hmm interesting there is alot of potential. .. for sure... linking content ... creating a chain of events... completing tasks in order... . I love it. ..

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Exactly! I was also thinking along the lines of something as simple as linking to a picture congratulating the participant for a job well done. I think this works very well with little kids.


It would be better if there is Redirect option on every H5P content

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Hi vitthal79,

There is content that the core team is working on, it's called the branching scenario and afaik it does exactly what is described in this post.


Is there any news about rediraction? As I see there is no any solution for it in h5p. which so pitty. I even can't add link in after visitor complete quiz .. the link is not linkable even with html.

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Hi Ivrika,

I'm afraid no one has picked up this project yet.