Course Presentation grading behavior in Moodle

Hi everyone,

We've recently (as in very recently) adopted H5P as a Moodle activity (via LTI) so that it can integrate into Moodle's gradebook.  One of our faculty members is a true early adopter and has created some Course Presentation lessons for her Moodle courses (Topic is History, btw).  She has reported some unexpected grading behaviors from the Course Presentation modules and quite frankly, we here are all too new to H5P's operation as gradebook-integrated activities to answer her issue with certainty.  Here is the exact issue, as she's posted to our Help line (italized text below):

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I'm confused about how grades are calculated in the H5P tool. This is the way I have it set up now and what I expected to happen that is not happening:

Under Behavior Settings, I ticked the Hide Summary Slide because I do not want students to be able to redo all the activities in the H5P which it seems they can do when the Summary Slide is shown.  I could only figure out how to disable the Retry option in the individual activity but not on the Summary Slide. I added myself as a student to the course, changed my role to student and completed the activities in the H5P module.  However, no grade appears in Gradebook.

I then unticked the Hide Summary slide. This allowed the grades to appear in Gradebook, but it does not calculate the points the way I thought it would. For example, for the first H5P module I created, I set the maximum points at 5. The total points possible in the entire H5P module is 33.  I assumed that if a student earned 5 of those 33 points, that a score of 5 would appear in Gradebook.  What is happening instead is that a student would have to earn a perfect score of 33 to have a score of 5 appear in Gradebook.  Anything less than that seems to be calculated on a percentage basis (for instance, a student who earned 16 points on all the activities would have a score of 2.5 appear in Gradebook).

So here are my questions:

  1. Is it possible to have it the way I would like it: Hide the summary slide and have the grades appear in Gradebook?
  2. If not, is it possible to have a score of 5 appear in Gradebook if a student earns at least 5 points in the module?


So there you have it, fine H5P community; I would appreciate any insights or guidance regarding this issue.    Thanks in advance for your advice.



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Welcome to H5P. For your questions:

1. There is no workaround to hide the "Summary Slide" but still get the "Gradebook" to pick up the scores. You can read more of this here.

2. I tried tinkering with the settings to see if there would be a way to get what you needed to no avail. But maybe someone else from the community had better luck and will help us find the answer.


BV52, thank you for your response.  I followed the provided link and ended up supporting the other user's related feature request.