Link quiz pass to activity completion in Moodle

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In the Moodle plugin you currently have an option to set a pass percentage when you create a question set. However, the only Activity completion options are "Student must view this activity to complete it" or "Student must receive a grade to complete this activity". Even if the student fails the quiz the activity is still being marked as complete (I assume this is because they still receive a grade).

If there was an option to only mark the Moodle activity as complete if the student passed the quiz, this would make course completion settings much easier to manage. It would enable the administrator to base course completion solely on whether the required activities had been completed, rather than also having to enable a course grade. This would be especially useful for courses that contain multiple H5P quizzes, as currently calculating required course grades becomes complicated in these circumstances. It could also be possible for a student to pass a course based on their combined grades, even if they didn't pass each quiz individually.


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Hi steveradford,

This indeed is a feature that will have a lot of uses. It has been requested a few weeks ago you can check it here.


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Thanks - fingers crossed this makes it into the roadmap soon!