H5P x Pressbooks Short Answer/Short Essay

Hello All, I am very new to using H5P and in general need things over-explained to me. I am using an instance of Pressbooks with an H5P plug in. I have seen it advertised by my university that H5P has a "Short Answer/Short Essay" question - however I can't seem to find it. I see the "documentation tool" which I think might work, but has a number of additional quirks that are unnecesary (downloading .doc files). My goal is a free-form response section that is not correct or incorrect, but is be recorded and displayed in reporting.


Am I just missing it? Have any of you made a short answer style interaction? How did you do it? Will I have to create my own content type?


Thanks in advance!

Short Answer / Short Essay Interactions?
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Hi zschwaller,

For the full list of contents you can visit the Contents page.

There are a number of contents that you can use:

Personality Quiz - A series of questions with no right or wrong response.

Quiz (Question Set) - You can combine different quiz type contents.

Column - An all in one content type. You can create a lesson and insert quizzes/test in a column format.

Course Presentation - Similar to a column but in slides format.

These are just a list of some contents that you can use but I'm sure there are still others that you will find very useful.


As far as I can tell the personality quiz does not allow for free form typed response - users have to select from predefined options. Not sure what the Quiz/Column/Presentation is meant to reference for this question, I don't need to combine anything, I'm looking for an individual question type that will allow me to record and report freeform text answers typed into the module by students. Short answer/Short essay is a fairly common question type.

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Hi zschwaller,

Sorry I got confused with your question. The content that can provide you with an open-ended question is Questionnaire. You can read more about it here.