Possible to present Fill in the blanks questions on separate pages?

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Dear forum, 

Completely new to H5P and not a programmer myself, possibly I am asking a silly question, but I'll have a go anyway.

I want to present fill-in-the-blanks exercises to learners in a content pilot, and what I have created thus far works really well.

However, what I wouild like is that the Learner is not presented with all sentences at once, but one at a time. Like e.g. with Survey Monkey questionnaires, the Learner could then click 'next' and be taken to a new page and the next question. 

Is this possible? Has anyone tried this? Should I get this setup in WP (which I am using as platform) or can this be done using H5P?

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Hi Madeleine,

Welcome to H5P!

To answer your question (it is not silly by the way :-) 

Check my example here. If this is what you are looking for then Quiz (Question Set) is exactly what you need.


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Hej BV5, 

Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for. I never got that from the demonstration. It looked mostly like Multiple Choice questions and I have no MC questions whatsoever in our content program. Super! Will use it right away as I am in the middle of setting up my training. So far, H5P is great ;) 

Thanks a lot, ciao Madeleine 

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Hi Madeleine,

You are most welcome. I think the example was created prior to adding fill in the blanks in it. I've already placed a request/proposal to expand the example.


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I noticed it did say that FITB questions were possible but since the sample did not contain them, I had not realised this. Thanks again, Madeleine