RESOLVED: Behavioural Settings on Drag and Drop Images Not Registering

On this content type:

I've selected the "Enable Retry" and the Retry button doesn't appear upon finishing the interactive.

I've selected "Apply penalties" and the Drop objects will only stick to the correct answer, rather than allowing users to submit incorrect responses.

I created the interactive initially on WordPress, with the latest version of the plugin (1.8.4), and all libraries updated. I've since uploaded the content to .org at the link above to check if it was an issue with my installation, but the issue exists on as well.

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Hi mrjarbenne,

Please check the setting for each text/drop object, make sure that all drop zones has a check on them (screenshot attached). Make sure that the "Infinite number..." setting is unchecked so that your students will not use the same option twice. Also you have to make sure that each "drop zone" has a check on the correct answer. Lastly the "retry" button is not appearing beause you might have only one "dropzone" checked in the "text/drop object". Once you follow the instructions above the "retry" button should appear automatically. If you are still encountering the any issues feel free to post it here.

Ahhhh. Thanks for the clarification. I had erroneously only selected one drop zone for each object, thinking I was identifying the correct answer. Should have read the instructions more closely. Thanks @BV52.