NEXT button/link at the end of each module + h5p SET activity

An option at the end of each h5p activity like PREVIOUS/NEXT buttons would improve navigation and reduce "scroll death" (Moodlers). Ideally, it would be a slightly bigger font, in a rectangle, and would appear at the end of the activity, after the work has been checked. Once clicked, the student would go to the next h5p (or other activity really, any url). It could even go in the grey zone where Download-Copyright-h5p etc. are listed. Personnally, I think the button option is clearer and more visible.

From the blissful ignorance of a non-developer, it sounds like it would be fairly simple: the h5p creator would write the link in before saving the whole activity, in the same way we can change opacity settings by adding a number or tick to turn a question into a "button".  

Thiese navigation buttons would not visually get rid of "scroll death" would easily guide the user through a series of activities. It would also eliminate the use of a viewer (for example in Articulate Storyline stories), and link actvities not available in Course presentation. 

It would be even more interesting to create  "collections" of activities with Navigation buttons (previous/next), similar to the Question set where questions can be compiled into one activity, rather than one page. For example, an h5p activity called "Create Sequence" would contain a list of urls to h5p activities (or h5p IDs) which would save as a "set", or "story". The first goal would be streamlined or guided NAVIGATION, and not a viewer per se. I suppose that the next issue would be whether to compile quiz results (like the Course presentation summary). It is interesting to see the issues separately.

Thanks. Very excited to hear how easy this is :-D


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Thank you for your suggestion, this sounds like a useful feature indeed :)

I have added a pic into the H5P as a interative button with its own URL. 

I am trying to get the link to open the url in the same window, it currently opens a new tab.

Please can somebody tell me how to do that ?


Mnay thansk 



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Hi, the default behaviour of the "link" interaction is to open the link in a new window.
If you want to open a link in the same window, you can create a "text" interaction. In the text interaction there is a widget for creating a link, this widget includes a "target" tab, which you can set to "Topmost window (_top)" to make the link open in the same browser window.