Completion criteria for H5P activities in Moodle plug-in

I would like to request that the moodle plugin for H5P have some completion criteria which can be set when the activity is built. I've attached the standard activity completion criteria used in moodle as a screen shot image.

Add completion criteria in Moodle
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I agree, and this shouldn't be much work to add either.

I love this module. Getting it work with the moodle grade book better (and show completion data) will allow me to convert more than 100 of my activities to H5P based activities. Thanks

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The latest version should work better with the gradebook.
Hopefully, we'll manage to sort out all issues soon and have the final 1.0 version ready.

I keep getting stuck with activity completion and H5P.

Please add the "User needs to view to complete"  option to this!

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Hi aaespaul,

Can you please elaborate on how you want this implemented?