Drag and drop - incorrect answers

I've previously used Drag and Drop with success, but recently I've encountered the following issues:

  • drop zone highlighting - the correct drop zone always highlights as the user hovers over it, when drop zone highlighting is set to "never"
  • all correct answers are marked as being incorrect.

I'm using Wordpress, Drag and Drop 1.9, H5P 1.7.9, on desktop (chrome). Settings attached.

Any ideas?

Many thanks :)

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Hi rj1v11,

Can you also attach the H5P so that we can look at it. As of the moment I am unable to reproduce the issue.


My Research integrity and solutions Drag and Drop shows all answers as incorrect when I click Check. Yet I've checked that each drop zone has a label that matches the correct draggable object, and that the objects are similarly designated. I just cannot figure out what is wrong. The address is: 


It appears that I hadn't clicked the correct image under 'Select correct elements' in Step 8 of the tutorial (the instructions could be improved!). 

Once I did this it all worked. 

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Hi Aline,

It's good to hear that you found the solution. Thank you for the feedback as well.