H5P CSS in page speed tests

Dear H5P Team,

I have tested my site with pingdom, gtmetrix... and one observation I think I should share with you is that: Pages with H5P contents often rank low as there are a lot of CSS not minified/opimized though I use Autoptimize and Asyn Javascript. (that does not happen with contents created with other plugins).

I am not quite good at these things. It might be an internal problem of the site. But could you please have a look at that and see if there's anything you could do about it.

My best thanks and regards!

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The newer content types (like AudioRecorder), are using WebPack to do some of the things you suggest. And we will look into making the older content types better in a similar way. This also goes for the files that are part of the plugin.

Thanks for reporting!

- Tom

That's be very kind of you taking on that work. Cannot say more. Have a good day.

This is still a huge issue according to gtmetrix

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Thanks compst. I can't really say when all the content types will have webpack but if it is really serious, the Core Team will of course be open to any pull request and contributions to the codebase.