Spanish translation

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I have translation H5P plugin into spanish.

If you want, I can upload it to the github account.

Thanks :)

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Hi! Did you forget to upload the .zip file? I can't seem to find it :-/


I just saw your zip file on Github but i'm almost sure it's a wordpress only translation. Do you know if there's any Moodle spanish translations or if i can use the one from your zip (i don't think so, anyways)?

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Currently, there are no translations for the Moodle Plugin. If you wish to contribute you'll have to put the translation into the lang folder on GitHub. Since the plugin has no official release, only a test version, I don't think you'll be able to contribute translations through Moodle's website.

The format of translations will be different from WordPress and Drupal, but some of the text strings might be the same. You can create a copy of the lang/en/hvp.php and replace the translations with the ones from the WordPress or Drupal translation.

I hope this clarified things and that you will be the first top contribute a translation to the upcoming Moodle plugin!

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Hi there,

I'd be glad to write the translation of the H5P activities into  Catalan, but I'm not a programmer, just a language teacher :). How can I contribute?


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Hi Beatriz, thank you for offering to translate to Catalan. If you let me know which content types you would like to translate, I can set you up with a way to do that without any code. 

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Hi Tim,

sorry for my late reply. I t hink I could do it for the following content types:

  • course presentation
  • interactive video
  • accordion
  • drag the words
  • fill in the blanks
  • mark the words
  • single choice set
  • true/false

These are the ones I'm more familiar with.





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Hi Beatriz, could you try translating multi-choice and true/false on

You will have to create a new account.



--- Edited

I've had to pause the CrowdIn integration for the moment as I sort out a few bugs. 

In the meantime please check out the alternative way to contribute translations:

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Hi how are you doing??
I would like to collaborate with the translation of the interface to Spanish, but I will go to the page "" and it appears as "Page not found", is someone coordinating the translation?

Thank you!

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Hello! Yes, unfortunately, that link is broken. I've updated my previous comment. Let me know if you would like any other help.