Course presentation feature request: Allow full screen videos

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It would be great if in Course presentation embedded video files could have "full screen" button option so that could maximize the video to the full screen and after watching you could minimize it. This way you could embed multiple video files on the same page efficiently.

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This would be a nice addition to this content. I can already think of several usage for this.


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I was thinking the full screen option was a default, and certainly expected, option.  If I want to have video with a paragraph of text on the same presentation slide, it is very necessary.


I agree with that, but it would also be great if "full screen" worked normally when a course presentation is embedded !

On moodle 3.5, i have indeed this ugly stuff :

HELP !!! 

précision : sur moodle, il s'agit d'une intégration via une "étiquette" (label)

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I am not able to produce this on my Moodle site that uses the standard theme. Could it be some theme specific styling interfering perhaps?