share/search for H5P activities via tags?

To further an open user community, can we have the ability to find each other's activities based on a tag search? Then we can download and modify. Each user's activity can be checked as 'public' or 'private.'

It seems counterintuitive that we cannot. Maybe I am just missing the way to do it.

Many thanks!

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Hi Jeff!

The upcoming H5P Content Hub is going to offer options for easy sharing, finding and reusing content. I assume it would simply be redundant work if similar features were added here.



Great to know! Launch date?

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We don't have any launch date, but are aiming for releasing this year (2017) 

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I am very interested in the H5P Content Hub.  We are hoping there might be some details on how this will operate and if an organization can operate their own "hub" so that we can organize and share resources specific to our needs.  For instance sometimes videos are copyrighted and when using H5P for interactive video we cannot share them publicly but need to share them with all of our staff and students within Moodle.  

By the way, this is the most exciting project for learning!  What you can do with H5P is just amazing!  Would be very nice to have an in-house repository to use.  

Hopefully that is in the plan.  Public and private hubs.

Thank you,


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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the kind words. 

We're planning to support copyrighted material so that only those "granted access" by the author/organization may use it.

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Has the Hub been lauched yet, if yes, could you post the link here. 

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Hi Aleksandra,

We haven't released the content hub and we still don't have a timeline yet on when this will happen.