Import tab-delimited text for Dialog Cards & Flashcards

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I am new to H5P and there is so much I do not know. ..... so I  apologize if this subject has already been brought up. 

 It would be great if lists of tab delimited text for Flashcards and Dialog Cards both front and back, images and audio, could be easily imported all in one go off of a spreadsheet or tab delimited text file. I have lists and lists of words to make into flashcards on H5P and it is mind numbing to think of copy and pasting each and every item into a field.....for each and every card.

 I also use personally, an APP called FLASHCARDS DELUXE which does that exactly, as most of the flashcard apps do as well. It has some sort of import script which if you have all the text on a GOOGLE SPREADSHEET, for example, will import all the text putting it all in the right place if you follow the simple rules explained in the app. It then makes a backup folder there in Google docs for you too. This flashcard app makes flashcards with up to 5 sides.... recordings and pictures can all be handled in the same easy way.

 It seems so counterproductive to have to input the cards one database field at a time in this day and age. As well as to import all the graphics one by one.


Import tab delimited text for Flashcards and Dialog Cards
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Hi Pammellam,

I totally agree, this will help making the contents efficiently.