Transfer of scores & clicks to moodle gradebook

The setup is: H5P inside moodle via plugin. In a single choice questions inside an interactive video:

My first question: if the user tries several times to get the correct answer, what is stored in the moodle gradebook?

  1. Number of attempts
  2. Only last try (correct or incorrect)
  3. First try (correct or incorrect)

Second question
If a user opens the video several times and answers the questions again:

  1. Will the number of attempts or opening the video be stored as well?
  2. If the user jumps inside the video, scrolls - is there a way to track this? If not, is it planned for the future?
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Thank you for asking.

1. Only the last attempt is stored in the Moodle Gradebook. If the user answers the task again the grade will be updated with that score. The number of attempts is not tracked.

2. None of these are tracked by default, but it's possible to track this by connecting an LRS. There's some more information available on the underlying technology on the H5P and xAPI page. H5P doesn't provide a definitive guide on how to do this as different sites have different needs and want to use different LRSes. But there are some great examples out there to get you started, like Connecting H5P interactive activity in Moodle to an LRS By Julian Davis

Thanks for the fast reply