embed Kaltura Videos in H5P Video Content

Hello Everyone,

After some testing, I wasn’t able to find a way to embed Kaltura or Panopto hosted videos into the H5P Interactive Video content.

I even tried a hack I found where you add #.mp4 at the end of the URLs.

Does anyone know how to get  Kaltura or Panopto hosted videosto work in H5P?


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Hi Gaston,

There are two things you need to make sure of.

  1. Are you using the urls directly to the video streams, or to a web page with a player? It needs to point directly to the video streams (for all services except YouTube).
  2. Does the user viewing the video have authorization to view the video? (Is it open on the internet, or do they need to be signed into your video services?)

Good luck!

- Tom

Hi Gaston, 

I did some exploratory testing with Kaltura a while back, and did manage to get the videos to embed. Having said that, we/I don't actually have Kaltura at the moment, so I'm only looking at videos publicly available on the Kaltura website (so the settings may be different). Having said that, I: 

  1. Found this video: https://videos.kaltura.com/media/1_Kaltura+Video+Tips+-+Preparation/1_p5...
  2. Inspected the source and found a long, long src entry that looked like this: https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/p/811441/sp/81144100/playManifest/entryId/...
  3. Modified that by removing everything after the question mark and changing the link to a.mp4, so it looked like this: https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/p/811441/sp/81144100/playManifest/entryId/...
  4. ... and that seems to work. 

It's not a super easy way of doing it, and there may be easier ways via the Kaltura interface, but it does seem to suggest that it is possible!


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Thanks Louise! :)


In Panopto, choose the video settings and then select "outputs." There you will find an option to "View Podcast." Click that and then copy the URL. This is the URL you can use in H5P. I was so happy that this worked.

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Hi kinorob,

Thank you for sharing this :-)