Spaced repetition for Flashcards and Dialog Cards

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It would be great if some additional functions could be added to how flashcards and Dialog cards are used.


The science of flashcards: 


Studying with flashcards is not just looking at a card and trying to memorize a word. There is a scientific basis to the study method which would be great if applied here. Using these types of methods like spaced repetition of different types helps with memory retention and learning speed. Cards that have been quickly learned are automatically shown less, cards that are not learned are shown more frequently at pre-determined intervals. I do not know if this is possible in this kind of system.


There are different kinds of SPACED REPETITIONS and other methods that education experts have developed over the years. Rather than me go through all the details there are a number of wiki pages that have explained in great detail all of these issues and also have links to the algorithms available. I include them here for those interested in looking into it.


All about Flashcards:

All about spaced repetition with regard to flashcards with details about algorithms for that task:

The Leitner System of spaced repetition in flashcards:

The ANKI (Japanese for memorize) spaced repetition system with it’s algorithms and plug-ins:

 And here is a link to a Wiki entry with flashcard algorithms:

spaced repetition for Flashcards and Dialog cards
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Hi Pammellam,

I think this is a very interesting idea. Thank you for your suggestion as well as the links to these articles.



leitner system is very useful for learning everything , please add this feature in flashcard, dialog card and speak the words.

i found some cods in GitHub but i don't know how i can use it in wordpress.

thanks in advance.