Speak the Words in Canvas?

Do the Speak the Words items work in Canvas?

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Hi Paul,

Are you currently using Canvas with H5P?

The content types aren't tested regularly with Canvas, but it would be interesting to hear if it works or not. So if you test it out, please feel free to post an update here on how it worked. And just remember that "Speak the Words" require Chrome.

By the way. When h5p.com comes later this year with LTI support, Canvas integration is going to be much easier.

- Tom

I used bothe the "Speak the words set" and the "Speak the word" none of them works in Canvas. Am I doing something worng or Is there a work around?

Thank you


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Hi Georgia,

I assume that you are using H5P.com. If this is correct please reach out to the Customer Success team by sending an email to [email protected].