Visual Problem with interactive videos embed in course presentations

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There is a visual problem with the interactive videos embed in a Course presentation. There is no chance to see the whole frame of the video, it's too big the default view that one has to scroll down to see the video, therefore there is unusefull now. I noticed this problem since I upgraded to the last version of course presentation on the plugin's library in Wordpress.

  1. Steps to recreate the bug: Insert an interactive video (a youtube video) into a Course presentation
  2. Platform you're using: Wordpress 4.8.2
  3. Mobile or Desktop: both of them present that problem
  4. Browser: Chrome/Chrome for Android
  5. H5P plugin version: Version 1.9.4
  6. H5P content type version: Course presentation library version 1.17.2
  7. Screenshots if it's a visual problem: Attached
Content types: 
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Hi gionfonseca,

Thank you for reporting this. I am unable to reproduce the issue using a content that I created. Would you mind sharing the URL of your website?


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Hi BV52,

That's strange I created a new course presentation and inserted an interactive video and the problem is still happening. 

Here is the link



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I've created an issue to get this fixed as soon as possible: HFP-1602

Thank you for reporting the problem!

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Thank you very much for your work!