Wide-Screen Bug in DragText 1.6

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My problem is, that the text in wide-screen mode is not left to the draggable words.

I found out, what is different to DragText 1.5 and made pictures to show the problem and solution in code, but my knowledge of javascript is not good. So i can not change the code.

Can you help?

Please look at the pictures, that i attached!

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Thank you for reporting this problem. I have created an issue for this here:

I have this same problem (drag words not lining up to right of text properly), just as in the screenshot the previous poster uploaded. My colleagues in our elearning project are also experiencing this problem. All is fine when we resize the activity and the words reposition themselves to the bottom, but if we want the draggabel words to the right, then they do not line up properly. We just started experiencing this problem as of Tuesday sep 5. 

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Thank you for clarifying akaskens. I have updated the ticket for you.


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Has this been improved in the recent update for Drag the Words? 

I know nothing about script, but am enjoying the knowledge of others as I use these cool tools. I am experience all of the drag word lists showing below the content rather than on the side, causing the user to have to scroll down to see the options. 

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Hi deb Brey,

Thank you for reporting this. I have updated the ticket mentioned above.


A drag-text exercise that I made on H5P.org a month back still has the alignment problem reported here. Could anyone tell me when this will be fixed?



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Hi Ravi,

There is no set date for that yet. But you can follow the issue in the bug tracker.

- Tom

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This issue is now fixed and release. Thank you for reporting!

Thank you :)