how to create an underlying slide show full of interaction

I use Wordpress and would love to have a simple page to page layout without coding next and back links to go from page 1 to page 2, etc.

For example page 1 would have some text with an accordian interaction, then a next button to move to page 2

Page 2 would have some text with a drag and drop, with a next and back button to go to page 3 or back to page 2

Page 3  would have some text and a timeline and a back button or menu option

All together page 1, 2, and 3 would be linked together. i can do this myself with links but there must be a template somewhere.


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There are a few content types that can hold other content types such as Question Set, Course Presentation and Column. However, not all content types are supported by all of them. Linking them manually is probably your best option for now. 

If one is not a coder persay, how can someone like me acheive this option. I do need to link different content type together.

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Hi cpeterson,

What I've seen so far is use contents with a URL option like Course Presentation and provide the link at last slide to a different content.