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I am thinking about using H5P to for our upcoming HTML5-based web application for working with our lecture recordings at a German university.

Unfortunatelly I haven´t found the player documentation (which streaming formats are supported ->HLS, MPEG-Dash? is there adaptive streaming support? API for controlling the Player / receiving events from the Player?)

Currently we use video.js which supports all of this, but the possibilites of H5P would be interessting for some of our usecases.

I would be grateful if someone could point me to the player doc, somehow my googling skills failed me today :-)




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Hi Rob,

I assume it's the Interactive Video player you are referring to. It is a bit different then video.js, in that it is intended to be used with it's own editor. There isn't any documentation on how to use it, as the editor is intended to be pretty intuitive, and well labelled.

There isn't any support for any of the adaptive streaming prodocols that you are referring to. In adition to supporting YouTube as an option, you are able to add videos in multiple qualities, and the user has to chose he most suitable one. will after it is released later this year also provide more advanced video features.

I hope this answered your question.

- Tom

Hi Tom,

thanks for your quick answer!

I was indeed referring to the interactive player, I thought I could integrate it in our angular based webapp, just like we do with video.js now as a standalone player which is being filled with content from our drupal backend. It´s a pity that this is not possible, our lecture recodings with our annotation system combined with the functionality of the modules of H5P would have been amazing...


Meyerrob, did you cover any grounds with your quest. we have the same and working towards it