No results after submitting a questionnaire

I installed H5P (Wordpress 4.8.2 and H5P 1.19.4) and created my first questionnaire.  However, when I completed the questionnaire and submitted it, there is no results in the back-end.  I looked under My Results and H5P Content -> Results, and I just get "There are no logged results for this content." .  Am I missing something here?  Where do I see the results for all users who submit a questionnaire?

Cheers ... Jay

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Hi Jay,

If you look at Questionnaires description it states:

In order to enable H5P Questionnaire on your site you will need to:

  1. Enable LRS dependent content types under H5P Settings (the location of the settings will differ depending on the platform you're using)
  2. Set up a service to process the events (typically an LRS)

It's bulletpoint 2 that is important here. You need something extra like an LRS,  to process/catch the events from Questionnaire.

- Tom

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Hi, my admin has set up Questionnaire on our Moodle LMS. Unfortunately there are no responses showing up in the Gradebook. What does the IT admin need to do in order to get Questionnaire working properly?