Different audio files and images on different sides of a Dialogue card


I would like to request a new feature on H5P Dialogue cards.

First of all, could you make it possible to place two different audio files on different sides of a Dialogue card? It would be useful for learners of foreign languages.
For example, each language has a particular script (alphabet or otherwise). The name of a symbol in the script is often different from the sound it designates (e.g. the letter "h" in English), so it would be good to hear the name of the symbol on one side of the Dialogue card and the sound it makes on the other.
Moreover, putting audio on the back side of the Dialogue card makes it a more effective learning tool. For example, if we make Dialogue cards for the learners of Russian, it would be good to put the Russian word (and its audio) on the back side and the English translation on the front side, so that the learners can check themselves and learn at the same time. Or, we can give learners the opportunity to check how well they can read Russian (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc.) by putting the written word on the front side and its pronunciation on the other side. The learner reads the word in a way they think it should read, and then they flip the card and listen to a native speaker pronounce it correctly.

It would be also great if this two-side principle worked with images as well. Putting different images on different sides of a Dialogue card opens great opportunitites for Dialogue cards to become a more engaging learning tool. Again, speaking about a foreign language script, you can put the image of a letter (or symbol) on the front side and the image of its phonetic equivalent on the back side. For example, for the learners of English it can be a letter and an IPA symbol. Also, such a feature would give creators a chance to conceal the front side with a neutral image like the back of a playing card and only reveal the answer when the learner flips the card. This would make Dialogue cards more appealing to children who can't read yet, but they can play the audio on the front side, hear a word and then see a picture of what this word means.

Please consider these changes in the future.

Thank you!

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Hi ordgonikidze,

These suggestion will not only help in teaching languages but a whole lot more. Thank you :-)