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Hi everyone,

Do a page down and have a look at the blue-green box "What is our favorite interactive content stat"?

It's just toooooooooooooooo cool.

Would that be difficult? :-D



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Hi maude,

You are right this looks like a cool idea. We actually have 2 contents (courtesy of Otacke) that comes close Agamotto and Image Juxtaposition which are both equally awesome.


Hi BV52, 

thanks for your feedback. I appreciate Otacke's creations, particularly Agamotto and his future Essay content type but I wasn't looking for an h5p equivalent. I was wondering whether this kind of "effect" would be "easy" to create/develop. I like the way it makes the user react.


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Hey Maude! Yes, that's pretty awesome. It should be pretty easy to do. Around a day or two I guess for an experienced H5P developer.

How would you describe the profile of good h5p developer? 

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Someone who understands everything about a content type of average complexity say, Summary. 

I meant in terms of programming languages - a technical profile if you wish. :-)


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Sure, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS. General Front end developer skills are important but if you're looking for someone go after a strong understanding of the fundamentals of javascript and DOM manipulation (i.e. frameworks are not important here).  

definitely keeping this information on hand :-)