Turn off "update available" message when creating a new activity

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We have H5P integrated with Moodle at our College.  Whenever a professor creates a new H5P activity, the list of activities always (or almost always) has "update available" next to each option.  I would like the "update available" message to go away.  Since professors can't update the activity, it doesn't help them.  Our intention is to update H5P (and Moodle and other plugins) twice a year, once over Christmas and once during summer, because we don't want to change things or cause disruption in the middle of a semester.

Now, there's a setting in the administrator's H5P Settings page called "Use H5P Hub," which if I untick it stops the "update available" message.  I'm thinking that when we do our updates, we'll tick that ON, then go through each content type and download each update, then tick it OFF again for the duration of the semester.

Is this the recommended way to turn off the "update available" message?  Is there a better way?  Or, is this really a feature request?  Cheers!

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Hi crossbow42,

Yes you are correct this is the option to disbable the update.


We tried turning off the H5P hub, but that also disables the nice content type selector. Instead what is displayed is just a drop down list of content types. It does not show screenshots and descriptions.

Can the "update avaialble" be smarter and not display to users who cannot update content types?

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Hi rlorenzo,

I agree with your point. Since users that don't have access to updating content cannot act on it, they don't have to see these options. Thank you for the input.