Problems editing Content - EVERYTHING disappears

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The last 2 years no problem at all and have not made any changes/updates to software since the last use a few months ago.

A couple of days ago I made minor changes to H5P content that I had created earlier (tried to make the menu invisible). The way I went about it was using h5p content > all content > then double clicked to open the one(s) I wanted to change.

Did my changes, saved, tried to re-open and the Screen just shows the WP menu on the top and everything else is blank (see attachment 1).

When I go back to All Content the files are still there IN THE MENU (see attachment 2), but every time I open them the same result - blank screen. I stopped after trying out three content types in fear I would lose more content.

The relevant page content (front end) has of course disappeared as well. 

I am using H5p Version 1.9.4 on wp 4.9 (problem started 2 days ago with previous WP version), Learn dash plugin version 2.4.0. The problem si the same in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Any suggestions anybody?


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Hi bodymechanix,

Just ot verify the contents that you did not edit are still showing, correct?

Can you please check your browser console (CTRL+Shift+J for Chrome) for any errors on the page that has the missing content.



I am having issues with WP 4.9 too since the recent upgrade (it was automatic for us).

Content is not saving (or some is, some isn't) and drop down menus e.g. text size don't always display.

Never had these issues before until today - and I've lost a fair bit of work alas!

I'm assuming this is a WP update issue?

Hope you can help - Dan

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Hi Dan,

I am unable to reproduce the issue on my end.

  1. May I know which content types are you having issues with?
  2. What is the version of H5P installed? 
  3. Please check if you have any errors in the browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J for Chrome).


Thanks for replying.

  1. Course Presentation
  2. H5P = 1.9.4
  3. OK so working in an existing Course Presentation, I've duplicated a slide and moved it to the end of the presentation. That's when the first error appears. I then go to edit the text box, and that's when the second error appears. I cannot click 'Done' to finish the edit.

Hope that helps!

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Which version of Course Presentation are you using ? Have you tried updating it ?

I'm not able to reproduce this, could you give some elaborate steps to reproduce this with your setup, and could you attach an H5P to your comment that we can use to reproduce this ?

Thanks for the feedback, hope we can resolve this quickly.

And here's a quick screen recording showing the issues of editing text size/H1 etc.

Had to upload as an H5P file as can't attach MP4!

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Hi folks, how come there are all kind of posts mingled here but not my response to BV52 Fri, 11/17/2017 - 08:47 question, which was y the way the only relevant topic concerning my issue.

Apologies - I didn't mean to confuse things, I thought the issues were related.

Happy for the mods to split this into separate issues.

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Hi BV52

Thanks for your swift response. In answer to your questions:Yes, all the other h5p content that I did not alter seems to be working OK front end. The site is at of the pages i question is in the first of the courses (mathe test) in Course content >lesson 2 > mathe test 2. lesson, which interestingly enough does not provide me with an 'edit page' menu front end (see first image) as do all the other pages (see black bar on second image) since I am logged in as administrator (    YOU PROBABLY HAVE TO LOG IN FIRST)on this page the JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.1 jquery-migrate.min.js:2 [h5p id="16"]SEE IMAGE 3Other than the H5P content there is nothing on this page, so without the H5P it is blank now.SEE IMAGE 2Now when I open the said h5p content, this is what it looks like, completely blank white page under the menu. It says something about slow network, that is in spite of me having tried that from two completely different providers, one at home, one at work.SEE IMAGE 1The error message I get is in the textfile attached
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there is nothing related to any H5P error in the console log you wrote in, those are just errors from your browser complaining about slow internet or slowly served assets/fonts from your server. Does all these messages come when you enter the page and do they stop coming, or are they continually showing new errors ? Have you tried waiting longer to see if there comes any content or any new messages ?

Please also check your php error log for anything that could be related to H5P. Do you have a page we can visit to see this happening ? We need more information in order to help you further.

Thanks for reporting this, hoping for a quick reply so we can help you resolve this.