Not able to add H5P activities to the Moodle Completion Progress block

I am using Moodle 2.7, H5P 1.4.2017060600, Desktop, Chrome

I have set up a variety of activites (Drag and Drop, Mark the Words etc.) and have Completion Tracking set to on.  I am trialling the use of the Completion Tracking Block and have successfully set up Moodle activities to update the progress bar as expected.  The H5P activities do not show in the list of activities in 'Configuring a Progress Bar Block' list.  The activities are shown on the standard activity tracking report so I know that they are set up correctly.

I found one reference to this being fixed - is it that I have Moodle 2.7 that it is not working.  If we cant get this tracking set up I will probably not be able to use the H5P activities :(



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According to Moodle's official pages the "Progress Bar block" is replaced by the "Completion Progress block", which should be used instead. We can't guarantee that any addons will work that is not conforming to the official Moodle standards.

That said I have tested H5P with completion tracking of single activities and together as course completion tracking and have found no problems. If you set up completion tracking with the standard components of Moodle you should be fine. I would also recommend you to always stay up to date with the latest releases of both Moodle and H5P.

I cannot find the way to do it I am afraid. Any tips? The feature does not appear in the Settings of the Activity.

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Hi, what have you tried so far ? Where are you failing ?
Have you followed Moodle's guide for installing and setting up "Completion Progress block" ?