Interactive video - upload video always returns 'too large' error

Update: Only seems to affect current Chrome browser.

I first came across this when using the Moodle plugin but have confirmed it also occurs when authoring from this site.

When uploading a video of any size (well under any file size constraints) the error displayed to the user is 'file too large'.

Inspecting H5PEditor.FileUploader shows that it's trying to parse a response which is not valid JSON and when any error is encountered, always displays the 'file too large' notice. The response is always something like the example below, with extra text outside the JSON.

"{"mime":"video\/mp4","path":"videos\/files-5a1efb7636eb5.mp4#tmp"}Image already added"

Content types: 
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Hi, I'm not able to reproduce this.
Can you give some additional info on what videos you're trying to upload. Do they have a special format ? Can you include an example here as an attachment so we can try with it ? Does this happen with all video files you've tried ?


Thanks for getting back to me. I've since discovered that working with all plugins disabled in chrome fixes the issue, so it looks like a bad plugin.

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Hi hamishdewe,

It's good to hear that it is working for you now :-)