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Is there a way to disable the embed and download, after unloading to Canvas? We don't want our users to be able to do that, especially since they could download H5P themselves and then have the whole interactive video.

Thank you.

Canvas- disable embed and download
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Hi widapldesign,

I have not used Canvas, but the download and embed feature are both incoded inside the H5P settings. It should be possible to disable this by unchecking both options. If this is not possible using Canvas please reply in this thread with screenshots (if possible).


I have figured it out. Thanks!


Is there a way to disable embed in Wordpress please?

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Hi teret,

There should be an option to disable the embed feature. By the default it is located on the right hand side. I've attached a screenshot of the options.


Why just 2 options ?


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You (or the system's administrator) can remove/add those options in the H5P settings.

Thank you