Why won't audio recorder work in my (seemingly) https page?

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Hi! I am trying to embed audio recorders in a page. It tells me the usual "your page isn't https" error, but it seems to me that the page is https. 

web page:


Attaching screenshot below.

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Hi sdspasova,

I tried checking the site and the audio recorder is working. I would suggest that you check using a different browser/computer and see if it will work.


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interesting, thanks for checking! it did work for me in firefox, but not chrome.

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Chrome is obviously handling some security related issues more strictly than Firefox. If you check your site with Chrome and open the developer console be pressing F12, you will see a hint to: https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/dev/Home/chromium-security/deprecating-permissions-in-cross-origin-iframes